The art of evoking emotions

Tamar's boutique is the result of many kilometers, encounters and friendships made throughout the country, and beyond...

The shop opened in December 2019, but the seed was planted much earlier, when founder Lena Correia fell in love with the world of ceramics at the age of 17. Later, she jumps from the studio to the counter, where she begins to have contact with artists and the public in various stores.

This experience acquired over the years was the starting point for embracing at 100% a new challenge: to create a space with a different concept, bold and incomparable…!

We went to potteries, weaving houses, factories and ateliers. We entered the homes and lives of artisans.

This complicity is our brand essence!

Boutique Tamar offers the best of true craftsmanship, combined with exclusive pieces by artisans, passing through the iconic products of the Portuguese tradition that resist imitations.

The store is located in the historic downtown streets of Lagos and is intended not only for tourists but for all kinds of visitors.

In the basement of the store there is a room for exhibitions. It may be artists who wants to introduce themselves and show their work.

The first exhibition was “Casa da Ti Chica” – A surprising and fascinating interactive installation, by artist Ana Duarte, born in Lagos, where touch was the vehicle for the discovery of various sounds that characterize Aunt Chica’s home.


"If you can look see. If you can see, notice."