Portuguese arts & crafts has essence and many stories

The Tamar team traveled from north to south of Portugal weaving a network of contacts with artisans and to show that craftsmanship has no limits when creativity is infinite.

Ceramics and pottery

Ceramics are the soul of Tamar. It is a passion that runs through our veins.

For this reason, we selected each of our artists for their own style and art to provoke emotions, granting originality to their objects and personal brand.

They do what they want, when they want, how they want it.
And we like that!

Black pottery

Black clay belongs to a secular art passed between generations of artisans who are dedicated to the production of utilitarian and decorative pieces in the north of Portugal. This pottery, in danger of extinction, is now recognized as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO.

Traditional and contemporary weaving

100% natural wool weaving works is one of the marvels we discovered in our wanderings around the country.

It was in a small house lost in the middle of the Alentejo that we found these wonderful rugs, blankets, pillows and bags. All work is done on a handmade loom using natural threads, such as wool, cotton and recycled rag. This art makes each piece unique and special. And of superior quality!

Pure wool textiles

It was in the heart of Portugal that we found yet another 100% Portuguese project, which invested on the rehabilitation of old looms to produce various fashion and decoration products, with an emphasis on blankets, coats, puppets and decorative dolls. This team monitors the entire transformation process – from wool collection, washing, carding, combing, spinning, dyeing and weaving – to finalization, the end result is an authentic product.

Angels made of natural wool

Made by hand with much love and care, the guardian angels of natural wool carry ancestral memories. These celestial beings can be unique individual pieces or mounted on a magic tree. These crafts made of wool transmit and keep alive the ancient traditions.

The art of interlacing

Algarve palm craft

The Algarve handcrafted palm-leaves work, are a characteristic product of the region known as Empreita Algarvia. As with all products, there is a small secret, which consists of knowledge that is passed on from generation to generation.

And so a very old tradition is reborn: the art of interlacing palm leafs (from the Algarvian dwarf palm), sewing and connecting each of its branches, to produce pieces with art and soul.

Reed baskets

The reed baskets are no longer just for shopping or carrying lunch, they have become true fashion accessories. Of all sizes, shapes and colors, these baskets capture attention as soon as you enter Tamar boutique.

On our shelves there are large, small and mini baskets, even versions with shoulder strap. All bearing traditional or more updated patterns and different colors.

The entire production process is manual and begins with the harvesting of saltwater in the summer. It stays for several days to dry, following the dyeing phase, over a fire, with natural dyes. Only then is it woven using jute yarn.

Sculptures of all sizes and materials

Wire sculpture

There are non-conforming artisans who like to try different materials. And the result can leave anyone in awe – jaw dropping. It is the case of a young man from the Alentejo who, for four years, dedicates himself to giving life to the wire, taming the metallic threads and turning them into wild and domestic animals.

Stones and seashells paintings

Artistry thrives on passionate ideas, such as paintings made with stones and seashells, which are capable of moving even the most hardened heart. These pieces are characterized by their ingenuity and innocence, displaying simple shapes and a large amount of colors.

Miniature Nativity scenes

The famous Azorean Nativity scenes are also present in our store. These authentic and delicate miniatures are made of moss, rock fragments, dried flowers, shells of limpets and tiny seashells. Inside glass cases or boxes, these beautiful and fragile scenes are perfect for being exhibited at home throughout the year.


“The work of art is a thought brought to life; a wish fulfilled from itself”