Boutique Tamar

A different way of seeing arts & crafts

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Cotton blankets
(diamond pattern)

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Pottery is a passion that runs through our veins

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Boutique Tamar

A different way of seeing arts & crafts

Boutique Tamar is a modern, irreverent and dynamic shop, where everything was planned in detail, from the decor to all the items in the shelves.

Tamar Boutique invests in handmade and authentic pieces, manually made and with care, in an exclusive and differentiated way. It is not a production line!

Our handcrafted items have an appeal – and a quality – totally different from ordinary and industrialized products.

Emotions are Tamar’s raw material. They determine the selection of artisans and the pieces we choose for our store and gallery. We added to the emotions a good dose of genuineness, essence, tradition and exclusivity. How?
Our artists do what they want, when they want, how they want. And we like it!

With a life linked to arts & crafts, our small but brave team – eager to do something unique in a market fed up with imitations, continues to look for the best and most innovative in terms of handicrafts in Portugal.

We believe that handicraft is not just art made by experienced hands. It is, above all, the art of provoking emotions!


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Portuguese certified products

We believe in the quality of our products and their future,
that's why we adjust prices to be accessible to everyone.


"No matter how many times the world goes around, one day we will all meet somewhere..."

(José Saramago)